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Health and Nutrition

Friends of Children and Families (FOCAF) requires that all children go through a series of health screenings to ensure that they are healthy and able to learn.  The screenings help to determine if children need additional support or follow-up.  For screenings done at school, parents will be notified prior to the screening.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend all health screenings.  All screening results will be available for review by the parent/guardian.

Head Start Health Requirements:

  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Nutritional screener:  heights and weights
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Developmental screener for language, motor, and concepts
  • Well Child Exam
  • Lead Screening
  • Dental Exam
  • Finding a Medical and Dental Home (if necessary)


FOCAF's Health Practices Include:

  • Assuring that families have ongoing, continuous, comprehensive, family centered and accessible source of care
  • Providing children the opportunity to learn about health through a variety of home and classroom experiences
  • Teaching children good health practices by participating in daily tooth-brushing and hand-washing
  • Encouraging participation of families in health activities, workshops, and training
  • Promoting wellness by encouraging healthy lifestyles


What type of health services does FOCAF provide?

Each child enrolled in the Head Start and Early Head Start programs will receive health assessments and services to help with Primary Intervention & Prevention methods and to increase childhood, health, growth & development. These services include:

  • Hearing & Vision Screenings
  • Dental Flouride Varnishings
  • Nutrition and Active Living Screening
  • Parent Education
  • Health & Safety education in the classrooms
  • Referral services through Community Partnerships