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Who we are and what we do....


Empowering our community through Early Education and Family Engagement



Our Mission is to provide high quality services by educating, serving, and partnering with families to create a community of lifelong learners


Friends of Children and Families, Inc (FOCAF) is a non-profit corporation.  On July 21st, 1986 FOCAF was awarded the grant to administer Head Start and Early Head Start programs to work toward eliminating the causes and conditions of poverty.  Major program areas include Children Services, Family Services, Health Services and Administration.  There are approximately 130 staff members employed with the organization.  FOCAF serves over 438 three to five year old in the Head Start program and 76 families, pregnant mothers and children zero to 36 months in the Early Head Start program.

  Annual Public Report


Board of Directors

Our Head Start and Early Head Start Program is governed by two groups; a board of directors and policy council.  Our Board Of Directors is comprised of professionals in our local community.  They oversee all program decisions and support and advise our program.